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ECP 2008 EDU 428046 Math Bridge
European Remedial Content for Mathematics

Math-Bridge will provide multi-lingual and multi-cultural semantic access (e.g. search and course generation) to remedial mathematics content which adapts to the requirements of a learner and his/her subject of study. It will bring together content from different European sources and offer it in a unified way.  This access will be provided through a sustainable Pan-European learning service for remedial mathematics, which will be built by collecting appropriate learning resources, extending them in terms of structure and multi-legality and making them useful and easy-to-find. The extended formats of the content will make use of standards and, hence, will make this content re-usable and “transferable” between different learning environments.

The Team of Kassel and Paderborner has the role as apedagogical expert, use the Math-Bridge service, is content-provider, plan and manage the evaluation and is responsible for the content enhancement.

Here you find our (german) press release from the University of Paderborn concerning our main evaluation bridging course in fall 2011.

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